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JMS Yacht Charters caters to the discerning client looking for the ultimate luxury offered on Mega and Super Yacht Charters worldwide. Plush accommodations, excellent cuisine, fine wines, outstanding service!

JMS Yacht Charters, and it´s affiliate company, jolly mon sailing Motor and Sail Yacht Charters, have been providing quality yacht charters to clients that want expert advice and outstanding customer service since 1994.

A Los Angeles yacht charter is a popular and luxurious way to explore some of the jewels of the Pacific Ocean. Many people decide to charter a yacht in Los Angeles because this kind of vacation experience combines the excitement and fun of the California life with the tranquility and beauty of calling the breathtaking Pacific home for a while. Those that decide to take this sort of vacation on a regular basis can even contact yacht brokers in Los Angeles with a view to owning their own new or used yacht for regular luxury trips to Catalina Island. When you charter a yacht to explore the beauty of Los Angeles you can enjoy fabulous destinations to Catalina Island, Dana Point, Laguna Beach. The can even sail to Mexico at your disposal as you cruise the sun-drenched waters with a Los Angeles yacht charter.

You can enjoy a wide choice when it comes to selecting the right vessel for your Los Angeles adventure. Select from anything from a crewed motor sailer to a bareboat for the more experienced – whatever you opt for you can be certain that none of your past vacations will come close to matching the beauty, excitement, relaxation, and vibrant energy that comes from cruising the Pacific Ocean and enjoying the unrivalled beauty and wonders of Los Angeles. You can soak up the beautiful sunshine and the atmosphere, access destinations that are otherwise difficult or impossible to get to, and enjoy the marvels of this destination at your own pace, which all adds up to a fabulous and seriously relaxing vacation that you will remember for years to come. Charter a yacht in Los Angeles with close friends or family if you are looking to spend some time away in a fun-filled destination with close friends or family, chartering a boat is the perfect solution. You will all enjoy an incredible time, and you can have some serious fun and enjoyment as well as the delights of exploring this beautiful destination. Perhaps you are looking to take a loved one away for a little romance? And what better way that a wonderful cruising experience that boasts privacy, glorious weather, tranquility, romance, adventure, and so much more – which is exactly what you will get with a Yacht Rentals Los Angeles.

Over recent years, luxury yacht rentals have become increasingly popular with those that want to enjoy the ultimate vacation experience without breaking the bank. With boat rental and charter companies you can get the perfect yacht for your budget and needs, from a Headship Mega yacht to yachts from reputable manufacturers such as Palmer Johnson and Lurssen. You can enjoy some time in the lap of luxury with sail boat and yacht rentals, and you will even find some great deals on luxury yacht sales for those that decide that yachting is something they want to do on a regular basis. You will be amazed at just what a relaxing vacation experience you can enjoy when you opt for luxury yacht rentals.

With boat rental and charter services you can enjoy luxury in any part of the world. Whether you want to explore the beauty of the Pacific Ocean, the fabulous weather of California, or the glorious sights of Yacht Rental Newport Beach, chartering a yacht will prove the ideal solution. You can relax in the fabulous surroundings, soak up the sunshine, sail along the warm and breathtaking waters, do everything at your own pace and in your own time, and visit one of a range of exciting shorelines in the area. You can even visit some beautiful havens that are difficult for tourists to get to without a sail boat or yacht, so you can enjoy the perfect mix if excitement, relaxation, and tranquility. Whatever your needs, you will find that they are catered for when you charter a luxury yacht. Whether you are travelling with a few select people or as a couple, or whether you are a large group of friends of family members, you can get the perfect vessel to enable you to all enjoy plenty of room and comfort. You can also select from crewed and un-crewed vessels depending on your experience with yachting. Whatever you opt for, you can look forward to one of the most beautiful and rejuvenating vacations you have ever taken, and a fabulous way to see some of the most incredible parts of the world with luxury yacht rentals.


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